More Than Words

More Than Words by Extreme (Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson with TAB)

  • 2nd August 2018
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Scroll down for full video lesson (with tab) of More Than Words by Extreme.

More Than Words was written by American funk metal band 'Extreme' and it appears on their classic album 'Pornograffitti'. Extreme wrote the song in 1991 and it's gone on to become the band's biggest hit, reaching number one in the U.S.A, Canada, New Zealand, Belgium and The Netherlands. Nuno Bettencourt is the guitarist for Extreme and More Than words is certainly a detour from his usual shredding style of playing.

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Although simple compared to a lot of Extreme's songs, More Than Words can still be very awkward to learn for many players. The chords are easy enough, but it's the rhythm that is a little odd at times, and the slightly unorthodox fingerstyle technique Bettencourt uses.

Many of the chords are anticipated and come in on the '&' counts instead of on the beat, this will likely take some getting used to. You don't have to adopt the fingerstyle technique that Nuno uses, you can of course just use your regular style of picking the strings.

More Than Words Song Details:

  • Tuning - Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb (half step down)
  • Key - Gb
  • Tempo - 92 bpm
  • Difficulty - Intermediate


You want to really focus on getting the introduction secure before venturing into any other area of the song. Work on getting the percussive tap very accurate and all the changes in the right place. This style is consistent throughout the entire song.

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More Than Words Intro


The verse begins with the same progression as the intro, and then brings in some more chords.

More Than Words Verse


This section is a little easier than the verse I'd say.

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More Than Words Chorus

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