Behind Blue Eyes

Behind Blues Eyes by The Who (Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson)

Behind Blue Eyes by The Who was released in 1971 and was the second single from their fifth album 'Who's next'. The song was written by the guitarist of the band Pete Townsend and is one of their best known songs.

Although Townsend uses a pick for it, I've taught the song in the video lesson as fingerstyle, simply because this site is all about fingerpicking. It works well either way but the strumming parts will probably be easy with the help of a plectrum, especially if you really want to get it to sound just like the recording.

Behind Blue Eyes is no. 20 on my Top 60 Fingerpicking Songs of ALL TIME list. If you've not seen the list be sure to check it out and sign up to my weekly email lesson so you don't miss learning any of these great fingerstyle songs.

Song Facts:

  • Tempo - 130 Bpm
  • Key - E minor (with modulation)
  • Difficulty - intermediate

Behind Blue Eyes - The Lesson

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