About Six String Fingerpicking

Six String Fingerpicking is a place for fellow fingerpickers of all levels to learn how to grow into the fingerstyle guitarist they’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Whether you’ve just started out or have been playing for many years, Six String Fingerpicking has something for everyone who wants to improve their fingerstyle skills. You can start at the beginning as a complete novice and work your way up to advanced level right here.

With the lessons and courses available, you can work on your right-hand techniques and learn many well-known and fun fingerpicking songs. You can advance your skills in all kinds of styles of fingerstyle guitar, learning every fingerpicking pattern imaginable.

Every lesson on Six String Fingerpicking comes with a video tutorial and tips for your playing. A 100% accurate guitar tab to really help you learn as fast as possible is also available for each song.

Learning how to fingerpick takes many hours of practice and dedication but the simple truth is that anybody can do it. And the greatest thing of all is that you can never stop improving, no matter how good you get at fingerstyle guitar there will always be something new to learn and you’ll always be able to get better.

Easy Fingerstyle Songs

If you’re completely new to fingerpicking and don’t know where to start, I recommend beginning by taking my course Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar: Beginner Level. This will certainly put you on the right path to fingerpicking success by laying the solid foundations you truly need to excel with this style of playing. You can even try out the first few lessons of all the courses for free when you join the mailing list!

To improve your playing when you're just starting to get into fingerstyle, there's a lot you can learn by exploring some beginner level fingerpicking songs.

Remember, I’m here to help you along the way so if you have any questions please just get in touch.

Check out the catalogue of easy fingerpicking songs for beginners

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