Here There And Everywhere Guitar Lesson

Here, There And Everywhere by The Beatles Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

Here, There And Everywhere was written by Paul McCartney for The Beatles and credited to Lennon-McCartney. McCartney wrote the song in the summer of 1966 and the song appears on the bands classic album Revolver. 

This is such a beautiful and clever song, and McCartney himself considers it to be one of his best. In fact, Art Garfunkel says it's his favourite song of all time! On the surface it's a very sweet love ballad but when you dive into the song you find a truly brilliant melody line harmonised with incredibly sophisticated chord progressions. This is typical stuff for Lennon and McCartney, and Harrison too for that matter.

This fingerstyle arrangement of Here, There And Everywhere is pretty hard to play and will certainly require some technical ability to execute all the notes well. Having said that, there are of course ways you can simplify things somewhat and I mention how you can in the video lessons.

OK, let's get learning this fingerstyle arrangement of Here, There And Everywhere.

Song Details:

  • Key - G major 
  • Tuning - standard 
  • Tempo - 82 bpm
  • Difficulty - advanced

Here, There And Everywhere (Performance)

As you learn to play this fingerstyle arrangement of Here, There And Everywhere, be sure to frequently return to the performance as a good reference point and guide.

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How to Play Artificial Harmonics

I've used artificial harmonics for all the notes of the melody line throughout the intro/verse. If you've not done them before they can be really quite hard so here's a short lesson on how to play the technique.

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The Intro Lesson for Here, There And Everywhere

If you're really finding the harmonics hard and are getting impatient with them, know that you don't have to play them.

You can completely remove them and just fingerpick your way through the song as you normally would and, trust me, it'll still sound great.

If you want to see just the lyrics and chords of Here, There And Everywhere then you can find them here on Heartwood Guitar Instructions.

How to Play the Verse of Here, There And Everywhere 

In this lesson we learn how to play the verse of Here, There And Everywhere. There's lots going on here and this is certainly the hardest part of the song to master. However it's great fun to play once you can do it. 

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The Bridge Lesson

The bridge is much easier to play than the rest of the song. There's no awkward harmonics and the chords and melody are relatively simple. Watch out for the Gm chord though as the chromatic line needs to marry smoothly with the melody. 

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Outro Lesson

There's just the outro to learn now and if you've come this far you won't struggle too much here. 

Structure of Here, There And Everywhere

Intro, Verse, Verse, Bridge, Verse, Bridge, Verse, Outro

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Let me know what you thought of the lesson in the comments section below. Say what you found hard/easy, what level you're at and what your fingerpicking goals are. 

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