Popular Fingerpicking Patterns

10 Easy Steps to Get You Fingerpicking – Step 8 (10 Popular Fingerpicking Patterns)

Step 8

10 Popular Fingerpicking Patterns  

We've covered an awful lot so far in this fingerstyle series and hopefully you've been practising hard. Now it's time to really have some fun and for you to learn 10 popular fingerpicking patterns.

These 10 popular fingerpicking patterns have all been taken from my 101 of the best Fingerpicking Patterns Ever course, and they'll really help you to develop your fingerpicking techniques and continue to strengthen right hand dexterity. The patterns start off reasonably straightforward and gradually get harder as you work your way through.

If you've been putting in the time and working on everything we've covered so far, then you're ready for these patterns and it's time to start getting your fingerpicking a bit more musical.

10 Popular Fingerpicking Patterns

For all of these 10 popular fingerpicking patterns I've used just three chords - G, Am and C. I've done this to keep things relatively easy and also because these chords work together well.

It goes without saying that you should try all of these patterns out on other chord progressions that you know. I encourage you to come up with your own progressions once you've mastered these, and to also try and create different variations of the patterns on your own. 

These patterns are here firstly to develop your fingerstyle technique and secondly to help your own creativity grow. 

(Pattern 1)

Popular fingerpicking pattern number 1 is our most basic. Here you're simply arpeggiating your way through the chords, playing 8th notes as you go. 

Popular Fingerpicking Patterns 1

(Pattern 2)

This is a very common and useful pattern to know. Here we continuously pick p i p m through the chords, this is great for building up speed!

Popular Fingerpicking Patterns 2

(Pattern 3)

In this pattern we play two notes simultaneously, like we learnt to do in Step 6

Popular Fingerpicking Patterns 3

(Pattern 4)

This pattern is similar to pattern 2 but we've added in the high e string and are now alternating the bass strings like we did in Step 7.

Popular Fingerpicking Patterns 4

(Pattern 5)

Popular fingerpicking pattern number 5 is the pattern taken from the song Dust in the Wind by Kansas. A must-know for all fingerpickers. 

Popular Fingerpicking Patterns 5

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(Pattern 6)

This pattern is used in the song House of the Rising Sun by The Animals. 
Popular Fingerpicking Patterns 6

(Pattern 7)

This is where things really start to get a little more complicated. Really take it slowly.

Popular Fingerpicking Patterns 7

(Pattern 8)

Another great pattern for helping to build strength and dexterity here. 

Popular Fingerpicking Patterns 8

(Pattern 9)

This one is somewhat similar to the last but with a few little twists and turns added in. 

Fingerpicking Pattern 9

(Pattern 10)

The last popular fingerpicking pattern we're doing has been taken from the song 'Never Going Back Again' by the great Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. This is a real beast to play and requires a ton of practice.

Popular Fingerpicking Patterns 10

10 Easy Steps to Get You Fingerpicking - Step 8 Summary

In this Step we've covered 10 popular fingerpicking patterns. Remember to really take your time with them, and once you've mastered each one try to create your own patterns and chord progressions.

If you really want to take your fingerpicking to the next level, consider taking one of my fingerstyle courses. In the School you'll find hundreds of in-depth video lessons all aimed at helping you grow into a great fingerstyle guitarist.

I hope you've enjoyed Step 8 of this 10 Easy Steps to Get You Fingerpicking series. I'll see you on Step 9!

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If you have any questions or comments then please leave them below.

If you have any questions or comments then please leave them below.

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