Ticket to Ride

Ticket To Ride by The Beatles – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson & TABs

Ticket To Ride is one of many Beatles' classics and, like so many of their songs, it works great as a fingerstyle arrangement.

The song was released as a single in 1965 from the album 'Help' and quickly reached the number 1 spot in the UK and US, amongst other countries.

The song itself isn't particularly hard to play but this version of Ticket To Ride does have its challenges. For instance, you may find it hard getting the melody to sync well with the chord changes, and some of the techniques will likely take some work, but this is typical of many fingerstyle arrangements. 

Song Details:

  • Key - A major
  • Tempo - 125 bpm
  • Tuning - standard
  • Difficulty - intermediate - advanced 

Ticket To Ride (Performance)

As you learn to play this fingerstyle arrangement of Ticket To Ride be sure to frequently return to the performance as a good reference point and guide.   

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In this first lesson we look at the intro and verse of Ticket To Ride.

In the lesson I play the song in its original key of A major. However, I often play it with a capo on the 2nd fret, I find that this really sweetens up the overall sound of the song. Something you may want to play around with.


On to the chorus of Ticket To Ride now and there's a lot of chord movement going on here. I've added a percussive tap on some of the beats to add a little rhythmical dynamic.

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The tricky part in this section is getting the right hand picking speed up, the melody moves really fast at times. 

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Just the ending left now. Feel free, as always, to play around with it and make it your own as much as you want to. 

Let me know what you thought of the lesson in the comments section below. Tell me what you found hard/easy and add any song suggestions that you may have.

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  1. jean francois bonet left a comment on 7th March 2021 at 9:08 am

    Hello Chris and everybody……….I love , love it, love it ! Great job!

    I have a question…..In the performance I am hearing a slight pause on note five, yet notes 4,5,6 are written as triplets ? Are my ears playing tricks on me, or am I missing something ?

    Also, I am really looking forward to the day that you compose your own fingerstyle song…….. and teach it to us ?!

    Many thanks for the tremendous work you do, to help us become better guitar players.

    • Six String Fingerpicking left a comment on 22nd March 2021 at 5:42 pm

      Hey Jean, glad you like the arrangement. It’s a funny rhythm going on here but it is written correctly. You want to count 1 2& tri per let – it’s very cool.

      I have written many fingerstyle songs, I’ve got a full album’s worth of tunes to record and I plan on getting into the studio sometime this year. I did post a few on YouTube but I removed them as I’d rather get them professionally recorded first.

      Thanks a lot

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