Top 10 Easy Fingerpicking Songs

Top 10 Easy Fingerpicking Songs for Guitar

Here are the Top 10 Easy Fingerpicking Songs for beginners to learn on the guitar. Along with the list of songs you will also find full lessons and TABs for each of the them.

Whilst there's many other songs you could add to this list (and on this site you can find a huge number of other fingerpicking song lessons), beginning with any of these ten songs will be a great start for anyone wanting to get into fingerpicking. 

If you are new or are considering getting into fingerpicking then try to learn a least three of these songs. Pick your favourites and get practising!

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The Top 10 Easy Fingerpicking Songs

Everybody Hurts by R.E.M is a great song to learn if you're new to fingerpicking because it's not too demanding on your picking hand and uses straightforward fingerpicking patterns throughout.

You could play this song with a pick but it works just as well without one. It'll teach you what fingers to use to pick the strings and for that reason it's a brilliant song to learn as your first fingerpicking tune. 

Every Breath You Take by The Police works great played fingerstyle, and once you get the chords down it flows really nicely.

The song is more or less based around the use of add9th chords. If you're not used to them you may find some of the fingerings a little difficult at first. Nonetheless, they're very rich sounding and well worth getting to know.

Lost is a 2005 hit single by Dutch singer 'Anouk' and it's one of the best songs I can think of to learn when first starting out in fingerpicking.

This is because the chords are really simple, it uses a very straightforward fingerpicking pattern, the chord progression is easy to remember and, lastly, because it's played at a relaxed tempo. 

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Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers is such a beautiful song and it's proof that you don't need fancy chord progressions to write a true masterpiece.

The entire song consists of just Am, Em, G and Dm, and it's a really great one to learn if you've not been playing for very long. The original recording uses 7th chords but to keep things simple this version sticks to basic open chords. 

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman is a great song to learn for guitarists of any level but people that are still new to the instrument really benefit from learning this 80s classic.

The song uses simple chords throughout and the fingerpicking patterns aren't too strenuous. So you shouldn't struggle too much with this great song. 

Hey There Delilah is no. 6 of this 10 Top 10 Easy Fingerpicking songs list and it's a fantastic one to learn because it uses a very repetitive and simple fingerpicking pattern the whole way through.

Having said that, it's probably slightly harder than some of the other songs on the list but this is only because there's a few barre chords in it. Don't let that put you off learning it!

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You might be wondering why this song is on the list, after all there's no fingerpicking in it. Well, it's because this lesson is a fingerstyle arrangement of Wonderful Tonight.

All this means is that you'll be playing the melody line and the chords together whilst fingerpicking. You can turn pretty much any song into a fingerstyle arrangement and here at Six String Fingerpicking you can learn many more of them. Check out more fingerstyle song arrangements here.

This is another one that you could play with a pick if you wanted but it also works just as well played without one. 

The challenging thing with this song is the tempo. It's really fast and you have to practise the picking patterns a lot to be able to play the song correctly. This makes Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) a great one for beginners.

House of the Rising Sun is another one that you can play either with or without a pick. It's a good one to learn because the chords are nice and straightforward and if you do decide to play it fingerstyle the picking pattern is very repetitive.

Plus it's a real classic that everybody knows, so it's definitely one you want to have in your repertoire of songs. 

Dust in the Wind is a great song to learn for beginner fingerpickers because it uses a simple picking pattern throughout. 

The pattern has been been used in countless songs and remains a popular one for fingerstyle songwriters today. So it's well worth really mastering it. 

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Alternatively you can browse the whole song catalogue: Song Lesson Library

Let me know what you think of the Top 10 Easy Fingerpicking Songs list in the comments section below. What songs have you learnt that you think are good for beginner fingerpickers to learn?

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